What to Expect 

Sport and Remedial 

For sport and remedial treatment the initial appointment will include a detailed consultation, postural assessment and treatment plan. The first session will of course also include a treatment, using a range of  soft-tissue/deep-tissue massage techniques, muscle stretching and aftercare advice.​As part of this assessment you may be asked to do some simple stretches or exercises to help to identify possible causes of your condition.



Again initial appointment will include a short consultation to discuss your specific aims of the treatment. First treatment will also include treatment, using a range of  soft-tissue/deep-tissue massage techniques. ​

Does it hurt?


The simple answer is, no it doesn’t!

The primary functions of massage is to relax your muscles, release tension and help the body heal. 


When booking online if you are unable to find a suitable slot  please email me and I will do my best to accommodate you.