Holistic Massage & Deep Tissue 

Holistic massage treatment soothes and relaxes, it is a perfect antidote to the stresses and pressures of everyday living.  I use deep tissue massage techniques to revitalise the body and mind restoring balance and giving you more energy.

Treatment can include the whole body or concentrate on specific areas of tension i.e back, neck and shoulders.

Massage therapy works because the focus is on locating and eliminating the source of pain by:

Restoring proper circulation to and from the tissue

Removing restrictions in the soft-tissue

Lengthening out tissue that is contracted

Reducing/eliminating trigger points and tender points

Freeing up the structures that cause nerve compression/entrapment


Sally is so lovely and makes you feel very safe and welcome in her home. I have had TONS of massages in my life and I can honestly say, Sally is one of the best therapist's that I have had. LB



Fantastic massage and Sally is lovely. One of the best treatments I’ve ever had. AW